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SCPs x Reader Scenarios Romance Fanfics of SCPs x reader, most will be lemons but I don't mind request and or headcanons. Obviously NSFW is fine. 035 049 049-j 079 106 173 692 990 999 1233 2521 6789 fem head headcanons lemon male open reader requests scenarios scp siren xreader SCP 049-J x Fem Reader Lemon. Male Reader X Female Lemon - Scp 049 X Male. Answer (1 of 48): I hate it every time I have to move back here. Alas, I'm a Bay Area native so I always end up coming back (due to family and obligations). But I hate the BAY and can list the reasons. 1. Elitism - Everyone here is special.. There is a certain smugness about them. Especially th. Jackson added that when people are stuck in legendary traffic on the 405 in Los Angeles, or on the 101 in Santa Barbara County, "people aren't leaving the state. They are going from place to place.". Gov. Gavin Newsom argued that California's "gross domestic product outperforms all other states.". The state "is still the envy of.
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